Malheureusement, je ne parle pas encore couramment le français après un mois! En fait, je ne peux toujours commander qu’un grand verre de vin blanc et cinq croissants et même alors, le serveur dit “quoi”?


I used Google Translate, bien sûr.

A month in the Dordogne was just the tonic I needed to step away from my life for a minute and reboot. To be honest, it was more fill my boots than reboot – with rosè, coffee, figs, cheese, croissants, chocolatines, baguettes, tomatoes, tapenade and the rest. I am fully in love with France. All the things I love most in life are still cheap there – wine, food, eating out…it’s just that I’ve come back a stone heavier and will now have to work out how to lose the weight.

The Dordogne is such a pretty area – full of Bastide towns, vineyards and agriculture. The fields were full of either vines, sunflowers or sweetcorn – heavenly:-

I also need to work out how to step up my pace significantly, having slowed right down to a snail’s pace. I am feeling relaxed and happy, but the fact that it’s a little more difficult to move might have something to do with my pace.

My children came out for a long weekend which was just lovely:-

Wandering around Issigiac which is spectacularly beautiful:-

Wine tasting:-

Some of my (additional) sins:-

Mainly rosé

Croissant heaven:-

Cheese in industrial quantities:-

Cocktails made by a new friend:-

Best coffee spot ever:-

Figs from the tree in the garden:-

Where I was staying:-

I even managed a couple of exercise sessions on the terrace:-

The sunset’s were pretty good too:-

Happy me on the last day, delighted with my expandable drawstring waist – it’s the way forward!:-

  1. I think that u look lovely; great dress! C.x

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