A text arrived from my ex this afternoon in response to one I’d sent earlier asking how both children were – one with a damaged arm and one with a missing tooth:-

“Tooth been glued back on but won’t work and you will have to take him to dentist when we get back. Have been at hospital all day with H as he has sprained his wrist (H being our 15 year old son’s mate) and I am in bed feeling really ill, I have a very high temperature and am freezing cold”. According to my children he got altitude sickness.

This time last year 10 of us went away skiing and not one person got injured or sick. They have managed to achieve a 100% record. What is that about? I can’t bloody believe it. What a sorry sight they will make at meal time tonight. Such a shame.

  1. Lulu, wake up, you daft woman – it’s KARMA. Now, sit smug and snuggle up to your man.

  2. This just proves the point that there is more to looking after people than just picking up the pieces; you’ve got to want them to be OK. A sort of mind over matter thing – I think mothers tend to have that because they rarely stop worrying – men often just don’t think at all!

    Sweeping generalisation, I know. And I’m not a man-hater either….

  3. family affairs on

    and once again…you’re both talking about Karma…do you two know each other?

  4. I’m psychic, that’s all 😉

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