Can we have a second referendum please? I don’t want my future life to have been decided by 24% of the electorate, that is not enough. Not all of us were ready and some of us didn’t think it through hard enough and what is more there are another 68% of 18-25 year olds who didn’t manage to vote the first time, but who understand the magnitude of their lethargy now and want to keep their world citizen status. To be fair, they were all busy revising for significant exams whilst we were all debating our little heads off and so they were either at Glastonbury, or still in bed recovering from their exams and weren’t quite paying attention. I think they deserve a second chance surely as it is the young generation will be the losers if UK sinks into insularity and irrelevance in the eyes of the rest of the world. In addition, we shouldn’t have to endure the most serious crisis since the second world war on a 48% Vs 52% – that is not enough. It should be a bigger division than that with some room for manoeuvre. In fact I’d go as far as to say that I’d insist everyone in the country had to vote. On an issue as profound as this we can’t allow the general consensus to be too close to call.

If it’s true that the referendum is merely advisory and not actually legal and Mishcon de Reyer are acting on behalf an influential anonymous group (Branson et al?) to take pre-emptive legal action against the government to try to ensure that Article 50 is not invoked without an act of Parliament then surely it is possible to call a second vote?

We appear to be rudderless right now – sailing in uncharted waters and this level of uncertainty with nobody with safe hands guiding us through the mire is a potential disaster. Cameron has quite understandably fallen on his sword after stupidly suggesting a referendum in the first place. It was the most idiotic thing ever to suggest the country vote at such a volatile global time. Boris has been stabbed in the back, but not before stabbing his old mate Cameron in the back and being majorly responsible for the decision to leave – so I have no sympathy for him. Cameron blamed immigration for losing the vote having not been able to promise that Britain could set an upper limit on immigration, but personally I think it was Boris who lost him the vote (and of course Jeremy Corbyn with the weakest campaign ever). He might have been surprised by Gove’s volte face, but it’s no wonder he made a swift decision to step away from the carnage until it’s all calmed down and I’m sure he has a future plan – probably with Nigel Farage who also has decided to walk away from the pile of shit he has dumped on us all from a very great height. What sort of people are they? That they can do what they’ve done for their own ambition and then turn their backs. Disgraceful. Walking away when the going gets tough – what sort of message does that give the world?

The Remain campaign itself also played a part – it was lacklustre – dire even. Focusing solely on the negative consequences of leaving so it was too easy to dismiss them as scaremongering. Boris ridiculed the Remain campaign for “Project Fear” and said markets would remain calm and the pound would not collapse. What idiot would say that? Any vaguely informed person (and there were a lot of those about) would know that a vote for Brexit would inflict ripples of pain far and wide for at least the short to medium term – if not long term. We might even end up with a fully blown recession. The Remain campaign should have focused on the vision of where UK in Europe stands in a globalised world, other than the bland ‘safer in’, and done a united colours of Europe approach.

So. We need someone to convince us that they have a solid and well thought out plan.

If it was me, this would be the plan as I predict (it’s not difficult) that there will be short term turmoil THAT WE CAN DO WITHOUT. WHY DO WE WANT ANY? WE WERE JUST GETTING BACK ON OUR FEET:-

1. Vote in Teresa May.
2. Get her to get a few additional concessions from the EU and then insist on a second referendum. Once we have a better deal we can acknowledge that the Leave campaign lied to us.
3. Introduce online voting to make it easier.
4. Rally the young things – they won’t be at Glastonbury and their exams are over. Now is the time. There is a sea change happening anyway as they realise what they’ve just lost to the elders and it’s a good thing that they are starting to pay attention. I just hope it’s not too late.

I accept it’s politically risky to call another referendum – but who cares? We have no faith right now anyway, so it’s not going to do any harm and the people who voted to Leave? Well some might be up in arms, but I don’t think it will be pitchforks at dawn. Most of us in the middle want to stay in Europe so why allow the extremists on both sides of the debate write our new script? There are an awful lot of people wondering what they have done….and a lot of old people who won’t be around to witness the legacy of our retreat from the rest of Europe. So no harm in trying again? What’s done is not quite done and it has not yet been set in stone so someone needs the balls to say that this was just a dress rehearsal and that now we are ready.

  1. There is no way there’s going to be another referendum “just because”. However, the barristers society (or whatever they’re called collectively) have put together the legal argument for Parliament being the one that has to invoke Article 50. If Article 50 isn’t invoked it will be on a technicality and not because the Remainers got a second referendum. As for getting extra concessions from the EU, I think we can forget that. We’re not exactly in their good books at the moment.

    • Family Affairs on

      Well I don’t think it’s “just because” – I don’t believe it was the right time and certainly the campaign wasn’t targeted and loads of people lied to us about the outcome…anyway, lets see – I am hopeful that we can have one. Lx

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