This post could also be entitled “Let’s Talk About Poo,” like my last blog post, but this one is in fact about Brexit.

Not that much to say that hasn’t already been said over and over and over again. We all have Brexit exhaustion and I have chosen to stick my head in the sand for the last few weeks because it’s just too painful BUT I did go on the march and I do think that saying “lets just get it all over with” is a short-sighted, lazy approach. The decision is just to huge to give up now and so I’m going to try and at least stay abreast of what is happening and where it might all be going.

Teresa May, realising she can’t just cobble something together to drag over the finishing line has turned to Jeremy Corbyn for help, abandoning the hard-line Brexiteers who have stymied her proposal. Choosing to side with the enemy instead of aiming for party unity is a risky strategy and they’re not going to like that. Will it prompt a volte-face? Or will it prompt a rebellion? Another election perhaps?

A still possible, newly named “confirmatory referendum” with the option to remain should not be seen as an affront to democracy. We know a lot more now and can make a far more reasoned decision based on the facts we are now all painfully aware of. There is no majority in parliament for a “no deal Brexit” and so an attempt by the government to do this would fail. It is now only the EU who can insist on no deal and why would they do that?

Teresa sent a letter out today asking for another extension, but it’s quite a short one and I wonder how the EU will respond. I imagine they are pretty much now going to do nothing and just sit back and watch the woeful shenanigans as it all unravels. If there’s a new election, the Tory’s would lose. If Jeremy Corbyn becomes the replacement, he will be elected on a promise of a new referendum and therefore the Tories may still belatedly and consistently agree that a second referendum is the best worst option still left open to them. I think the EU will see this extension request as an opportunity, not a threat.

Watch this space.


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