SO once again, I’ve been too busy to pay any attention to my blog or even more importantly to anyone else’s blog. I am a blog disaster at the moment. No time to feed the embers and NO time to catch up with anyone and it’s making me feel really bad, which is obviously not the point of blogging. You can see why you need time – it’s a bit like inviting all your friends to a party and then not being in – and then repeating that on a regular basis until they stop showing up and in addition to that they keep inviting you over and once again you fail to show up, and you see how easy it is to lose touch? Where is everyone?

So in haste (not that anyone cares anymore) I am summing up my week in one post.

LOTS of work to do and one work event which meant walking back across the bridge to Waterloo and being reminded about just how lovely London is:-

London lights

MASSES of exam stress by mostly my daughter, although my son is also in the middle of university exams and I can’t keep up with who is doing what. She continues to require love and attention, mostly in the form of cupcakes.

My son’s football presentation – about the 25th time I’ve had to sit through the most boring evening of my entire year – I’m sorry, honestly it’s worse than pulling teeth – but you know what? I wouldn’t miss it for the world. When you watch those puffed up boys come and collect their trophies and listen to their passionate managers talk about what they went through over the year, as a team, working together, it brings a tear to my eye. Truly inspirational and it makes standing at the edge of a pitch in the freezing rain and mud somehow seem all worthwhile as you know how much it means to them (behind the boys on that long table are only about another 85,000 trophies to give out):-

football presentation

My mother’s birthday and a long drive to pick up my son from university and then on to my mothers house for the weekend. My grown up son sulked about the size of my car (not entirely sure how I got a picture of a car about to drive through the window??) perhaps he should be more worried about my driving:-

grumpy son

Glad we made the effort as it’s so quiet for her these days without my father around and it’s important to make a fuss of her as much as we can. We went out to a nearby pub for dinner. Mucho fun.

The Lazy Toad:-
the lazy toad

Grandma getting into selfie mode:-

selfie with grandma

My mother and my youngest son:-
ma & H

The next day I went to visit my 100 year old grandmother in her home. This time I bought some old photos for her to look at. She doesn’t recognise anyone anymore and yet she immediately identified her whole entire family – I showed her a photo of her family together and she said “oh look, there is my mother, my father, my brother, baby…but where’s me? She was there. In another photo of herself and her brother she recognised him and commented on how sweet the little girl looked in her lovely bow and pretty shoes, but again, no recognition of the fact that that pretty girl was her. Even more strange was that she kept turning to her left, to an empty space in her bed and asking “do you recognise any of those people?” Was there somebody there that I couldn’t see?


Shopping with my baby child – buying him size 11.5 shoes. GINORMOUS. Good grief. What did I feed him as a child or even In utero when I managed to grow a nearly 11lb baby:-

new shoes


My oldest friend’s birthday -we were brought up together in Hong Kong. For some extraordinary reason she wanted to go clubbing. This is not only totally out of character, but caused much humour in my house as it’s the club of choice for my daughter and her friends when they fancy going somewhere a little bit crappy who lets anyone in. SO not a good place to be. I’d forgotten my ID. QUELLE HORREUR – was I going to be allowed in?? We had a bit of a joke about whether I was 21 or not (but he wasn’t trying that hard to get into it unfortunately) and then we all agree that maybe showing him our stomachs would be sufficient evidence to show we are no longer young. Once in, we had a lot of fun and danced the night away and it was exactly what she wanted to do:-

The Dancing Queens:-
club night

The Nigerian Girls:-
COME ON!! Hurry up and find them. Since my last post at least there has been global condemnation of the act but where are they? More to the point, WHO IS BUYING THEM?

The Destiny Africa Choir:-

They came into our office a few days ago. So totally uplifting and an amazing story from a tragic start. They are all orphans from Uganda and I’ve written a separate post about them, but in case you haven’t got time to read that, here is a very badly recorded video – doesn’t take away from their enthusiasm and beauty though:-

  1. Busy busy. Your ma is one glam granny!

  2. oh you’re BRILL darlin’! and your kids are GAWDGISS and that story about your great grandma turning around to ostensibly no one asking if ‘no one’ recognised anyone gave me goose bumps….there is most DEFINITELY someone standing by her ….to fetch her…i bet you. great to read you. feel the same about blogging..have been SO crap at it. oh and laughed at the big sulking hulk in your back seat but more about the car going through the window. you’re so funny, man! x lots love janelle

  3. Oh I love all this – loads of news in one post. Your mum looks pretty fabulous: just admiring her hair and beautiful face.
    Isn’t that interesting about your granny and her memories? I think it’s great you took along the old photos: that must have been so lovely for her and you.

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