Happy Birthday to my youngest and tallest child. He’s NINETEEN. How are all my children suddenly all so old? He is off to uni in September and then I will only have one (not so) baby bird left in the nest. From experience, I know that he will probably (hopefully) be back to live with me once he’s finished his three years, but by then my daughter might have decided to move out.

He’s grown up to be, well, very tall. Very tall and very much improved from his early teenage years, which were tricky to say the least. He is now great fun to be around and considerate too. I couldn’t be more proud of him and his progress in the last few years to be honest. All in baby steps you understand – the reason I can tell he’s becoming more considerate is because yesterday was a groundbreaking moment because

a) He came with me to visit his grandma and engaged in conversation with her
b) Instead of playing his Grime rap about eating pussy and stabbing people all the way there in the car, he actually played some songs he knew I’d like – Elvis even???.

This not may appear to be a hugely big deal, but trust me, having had to drive him to college day after day, physically pulling him out of bed, dragging him down the stairs and stuffing him into the car and then listening to his music blaring very loudly at 8am (which I like now mostly btw) we have come a long, long way.

He also took the decision to lose weight at luckily the same time that he started growing and what a difference it’s made!

Just nine years ago, he was almost the same height as my mother:-

My son and my mother 9 years ago

Now look what’s happened – she looks like his ventriloquist dummy:-

We had a fantastic afternoon and birthday evening all together – I haven’t faired that much better in the shrinking category to be honest – here we are nine years ago:-

Me & H nine years ago

And our current state of play:-

Me & H

Best if he sits and I bend down:-

Me & H

We went to Benihana’s at his request, on the King’s Road. It’s lively and funny to watch the chef cook the food in front of us, throwing the knives around and chucking the prawn tails into his chef’s hat:-

I am a happy and very proud mother.

Long may it last.


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