My youngest child has just taken off for Thailand for the start of his gap year travels with some mates. Now I just have to work out how to carry on living my life and not worrying about him every 30 seconds. I’ve done all I can and now it’s up to him. Keeping everything crossed that he gets home safely after hopefully a wonderfully happy experience.

So it’s one in, one out, as thankfully my daughter arrived home yesterday in one piece from her skiing holiday – the weather was so bad that they didn’t get much skiing in and so they had no choice but to double up on the apr├Ęs skiing instead.

I was heartened to see how organised he was. He sorted out everything he needed, printed off his boarding passes AND what’s more he printed out and laminated a list of key vocabulary he might need whilst there. Pretty impressive I thought:-

I’m hoping he’s not going to need “Darling, I am confused,” or indeed “Stop thief,” “I am not well,” or “pain.”

Sending him a little white feather for good luck…


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