My prediction is that by the end of this week a second referendum will have been scheduled. I realise this will be disruptive and not to the satisfaction of half of the country but what else is there to do now? The end of May is nigh. She’s battled on, but it has now become a complete joke. Cross-party talks have been going on for SEVEN WEEKS NOW and they don’t appear to have got anywhere. SEVEN WEEKS! WTF have they been talking about all that time? Surely it would have been easier to agree at the beginning that there was no way they were going to find a solution between them and now both sides are terrified of pulling out of the talks for fear that it looks bad. Well, frankly it looks bad anyway and we have had enough.

We just need to get a proper shift going to get everything moving again and to break the gridlock. I can see no other logical way, but the decision to get another vote from the public, now that talks have ground to a standstill. The EU elections are also the end of May and it looks like the Lib Dems are going to do exceedingly well. I do wish Change UK would join forces with them for the initial period as they now appear to be distilling the water, despite the fact that I think it’s a very good idea to offer a new fresh party.

Could this be going any more disastrously for May, I don’t think she’s going to last much longer than the end of May.


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