My children are home. Hooray! With a few more war wounds than when they left. My daughter’s elbow is very badly bruised and clearly very painful. My son not only has a broken tooth (could have been worse – apparently, when the dentist glued it back on he accidentally dropped it down his throat and my son had to choke it back up again!), but a two inch gash on his hand that has butterfly steri-strips on to keep it together. If they had been with me I would have insisted that they wear wrist protectors – snow boarding is notoriously harsh to wrists..had they been wearing them, his mate wouldn’t have sprained his wrist and he wouldn’t have had a gash (isn’t hindsight and the smugness of a mother who wasn’t there, a wonderful thing?).

Apparently not only did the ex spend two days in bed with flu but he got altitude sickness up the glacier (3000ft plus) and nearly fainted….

A quite extraordinarily accident-packed week.

  1. GoneBackSouth on

    Oh Lordy, you see we mums are right to worry! It’s justified! But more on that another day. Glad they’re home safeish and sound.

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