I am actually feeling quite sorry for my ex husband as well as my daughter. Not only has he had to spend day 1 of the skiing holiday in the hospital sorting out my daughter’s damaged elbow, he has spent the first part of day 2 shopping, instead of skiing to amuse injured daughter and the second part of the day at the dentist because teenage son has broken his front tooth in half. He broke it in the hotel swimming pool – it was obviously quite bad because he actually managed to retrieve the broken bit from the bottom of the pool.

Now I am feeling sorry for my son too…

  1. GoneBackSouth on

    I have left you the “Keep Up The Good Work” award!

  2. You are too kind – I’d be thinking that the Ex deserves what he gets. Warm heart and all that …

  3. You are tooo kind; just imagine what a time you’d be having if you were having a ‘family’ holiday.

    Bet he wouldn’t have missed one minute’s skiing!

    Hope the troops bearing up without you though.

  4. family affairs on

    You are so right Debio and Zoe x

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