It is outrageous that David Cameron is trying to promote his book during our unprecedented constitutional crisis. Yesterday there was an advert for David Cameron’s new book “For The Record” in The Times, sitting on the Comment page underneath a long article about Boris’s ruthless conduct of government.

WHY WOULD ANYONE BUY HIS BOOK AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME?? I accept that he is not WHOLLY responsible for this Brexit chaos, but honestly – the amount of time, effort, money, blood, sweat and tears that have gone into analysing and managing these last three and a bit years of hell IS MAINLY HIS FAULT.

How can he write a book called “For The Record” before he knows the outcome of what should go on the bloody record?

Collectively with all the time and effort that has been spent on it, we could have cured cancer by now, or found some new superbug resistant antibiotics or invented a space ship and all moved to Mars. Meanwhile, David Cameron looks smug and wants to sell us his book?

Are you actually kidding me?

Who in their right mind decided that this would be a good time to promote it?

I recommend that we boycott the book. The byline says “The referendum he called changed Britain forever” – well yes, true but we don’t yet know the full outcome yet and whether he will have successfully destroyed the Conservative Party. Maybe that is why they are rushing to sell copies now, because by the time we are all totally on our knees and the government has collapsed in front of us, then no one will want to buy the book so better to chuck it out now before it’s too late.

It’s a disgrace and it makes me cross.


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