We had a great family day out at Twickenham for the England Vs Australia rugby game.  Thoroughly enjoyable and would have been even if we hadn’t won to be honest because there is nothing I like more than hanging out with my children for the day…..with a bit of extra excitement thrown in thanks to the streaker….I wonder if he is going to get less of a telling off because technically speaking he wasn’t “streaking” because the definition of a streaker is “a person who runs naked through a public place in order to attract attention or to express strong disapproval of something” and he wasn’t naked.  He was (disappointingly) wearing a terrible pair of blue underpants, so I hope they let him off the hook with just a few harsh words about disturbing the peace:-

I sat with my daughter and a few of my son’s friends happily drinking wine and enjoying the spectacle. However, why have I not learnt that drinking wine all day is not a great idea and note to self, next time, drink beer:-

Here I am with my son and daughter in the Fanzone at the end of the match, where there is lots of entertainment and a lot more to drink:-

Below is a good example of how not to behave as a parent at the end of the evening after drinking too much wine. My youngest son didn’t come with us as he went to the Fulham game and then wanted a quiet night in. My response as you can see is entirely inappropriate and I should have paced myself better:-


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