The fashion world has clearly gone mad and it’s time to get a grip. Fashion needs to change. Literally.

Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director of Chanel who died this week has left his cat, Choupette, some of his ¬£150 million fortune apparently. She already has a bodyguard, two ladies in waiting and numerous beauticians. It’s at moments like this when I think that his money should simply be seized by the state and sent to save human beings in countries that are unable to provide enough water, medical facilities and warm clothes if he’s unable to see that for himself.

I went to the Dior exhibition this week and despite it being a glory to behold, I did begin to wonder whether the world we live in has totally lost the plot. The divides of wealth have surely become untenable. Such exquisite clothes, but we should all be going straight off to see the Don McCullin photo exhibition immediately afterwards at Tate Britain to get back a proper perspective about the world we live in.

Maria Grazia Chiuri, the current creative director of Dior has spoken of the changing role of the creative director “recognising that it is no longer about clothes, that the designer must be receptive to current issues that reflect the times.” Well perhaps what should be considered is the woeful amount of waste that the world of fashion produces, from the dyeing process to the online selling process. Apparently, some cheap online outlets simply throw away all the¬†returns that we send back. Can that really be true?

It’s time for a rethink. No wonder lots of the millennials are learning how to sew and knit. Maybe they will have the presence of mind to reject this throwaway culture we live in. We need far more sustainable solutions.

The most iconic of all the Dior outfits: The Bar suit, clearly inspiration was taken from the black and white cow, minus the cinched in waist:-

The modern version:-

This beauty is made up of tiny feathers, looking like flowers – how much would that cost to produce?


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