“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware”
Martin Buber

This time last year my two brothers and I were in Zambia on a mission.

A very important mission.

To deliver our father’s ashes back to the Victoria Falls as per his dying wish.

We totally succeeded in fulfilling his wishes and much more as well. It was an incredible experience for the three of us to share and one which will remain in our extra special memory banks for ever more.

I do, in hindsight feel a little bit of sympathy for my mother who wasn’t really that keen on us going. Off we went, nearly getting kidnapped before we’d even arrived, flew in tiny weeny planes, between us we managed to fall into the Zambezi, nearly get trampled by a hippo, sat on by an elephant, eaten by a leopard….can you imagine if something awful had happened to all three of her children at the same time? Nightmare….and that was before any of us knew about our death-defying journey to the Devil’s Pool to release his ashes.

You have no idea how scary it was getting there and how dishevelled we all got in the process.

Here you can see the Victoria Falls with it’s beautiful double rainbow. On the left is Zimbabwe on the right, Zambia. Where you see the gushing water coming over the edge on the right? That was where we were…..


After much terror and having to swim strongly upstream several times, we landed here. I’m am really. really proud of this photo – especially the AMAZING rainbow behind us which we all took as a wonderful sign from our father … except that I wish we were:-

a) Much younger
b) Much fitter
c) Had all our clothes on

Oh well, you can’t have everything – this was our moment for our father – where we shouted “Zambezi” and raised our arms in triumph, then began the just as terrifying journey back to dry land:-

Thanks Pa xxx

….and of course we were horrified with how we looked and couldn’t possibly show anyone, but a year on….hey, I think we’re all looking pretty damn good! Especially the one on the far left (holding my hand please note).

  1. That is so totally terrifying and impressive. Awesome.

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