Finally, after many years of being a single parent, I am beginning to work out how to project manage my way through Christmas in a way that hopefully works for us all. It’s basically all about delegation. So if you have older children like I do, then set them some challenges – like would they like to cook the Christmas meal this year? Or if you have small children then rope in other family members to help – or go out! The only problem is that I’ve left a lot of it to my daughter this year and she has decorated the house a little like this:-

Xmas loo seat cover

Xmas loo seat cover

So my A-Z of advice for a happy Christmas day as a single parent goes something like this:-

A is for ALCOHOL. Lots of it. All day.

B is for BAILEYS. See above.

C is for CHAMPAGNE. See above.

D is for DELEGATION. I have never really enjoyed being the cook as it’s a little too stressful. This year I have handed the baton onto my children. I thought I would be sous chef, but they’ve told me that would infinitely more annoying so to stay well clear. YIPPEE!

E is for EXERCISE. Ha ha. No chance. Ignore until the New Year.

F is for FUDGE We’ve always had a family tradition of fudge. My son and his girlfriend got involved in the endless stirring.

Christmas fudge

Christmas fudge

G is for GRANDPARENTS. Hopefully oldies are involved in your Christmas. My mother will come and revel in all her children reverting to type.

H is for HUMOUR Humour is essential to get through it all and the best way to enjoy the day.

I is for I and all I want for Christmas is to have all my family around me for the day.

J is for JOY Just a brilliant word that should some up all that we are grateful for (even the unwanted presents).

K is for KITCHEN DANCING Kitchen dancing is a MUST!

L is for LOVE In whatever shape or form it comes in – the day is a time to love EVERYTHING and EVERYONE

M is for MISTLETOE – not a lot of point in my putting mistletoe up, but there’s always hope!

N is for NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND Be generous and include everyone. It will make them happy. Which is the whole point!

O is for ORGANISATION – have never been organised for Xmas, but this year my daughter has been incredibly organised, allowing me to write blog posts instead! You don’t want to be too organised, but it does help.


Q is for QUALITY STREETS Essential part of the Christmas gluttony

R is for REACH OUT This is not a term I favour when used at work, but for Christmas, you should always reach out to those who might be lonely and on their own and get them to come and join forces. No one should be lonely at Christmas time…and despite reminding yourself that “it’s just another day”…it sort of isn’t.

S is for STOCKINGS. My children will be at their father’s for Christmas eve this year, so I am not responsible for Stockings. Anyway, I’ve decided they’re too old for them. When asked if they’d prefer some money instead, they jumped at the chance, so that’s the new option for next year and saves hours of time buying a big bag of shit they don’t want.

T is for TURKEY. Sorry turkeys – I know it’s not a good time of year for you guys.

U is for UNWANTED PRESENTS – there will be a lot of these. Try not to cry.


W is for WRAPPING PAPER – we need to find a better way to do this. FAR TOO MUCH WASTE.

X is for X-RATED – not sure why, it’s all I could think of and reminds me of the video of the grandson giving his grandfather a voucher for a porn channel.

Y is for YULE LOG – because it’s the only time of year that you will say this.

Z is for Zzzzz – and a well deserved sleep on the sofa after lunch!



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