Anyone else appreciate the perverse irony of Boris Johnson sacking Winston Churchill’s grandson in his aggressive approach to secure a snap election? Boris wrote a book on “The Churchill Factor” whilst he was Mayor of London, celebrating the singular brilliance and genius of one of the most important leaders of the 20th Century all about how one man made history with his strongman approach. “Character is destiny” he believes and I presume he is attempting to emulate this in his confrontational approach to Brexit. But will purging Sir Nicholas Soames and all the other moderates who rebelled in order to create a right wing, near Brexit party work? Sacking everyone who doesn’t agree with him is something other dictator-esque countries do.

Today is another crucial day, but as things shift and turn at breakneck speed (for government policy anyway) we won’t know whether he is instead heading towards becoming the shortest running Prime Minister in history for a few weeks yet. Even his brother, Jo resigned today after being “torn between family and the national interest”. Clearly his political promises are much like his marriage vows and not to be trusted.

There must be a strategic approach to what he’s doing, he’s not stupid and he would have predicted losing control of the Brexit process, but not being afforded the opportunity to call a snap election? I’m wondering if he is already rueing the day he brought in Dominic Cummings as hatchet man.

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap”.
Napolean Bonaparte”

This complex situation is painful to watch and we seem to be left with a choice between the disastrous and the unacceptable. The majority don’t want to have to choose between a no deal Brexit Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn in power. It’s looking increasingly likely we will have an election now, unless they decide to do anything even more dramatic like ignore the legislation. His statement today that he’d “rather be dead in a ditch than delay Brexit” suggests that he has something else up his sleeve or is he planning political hari kari if he doesn’t get his way?

So what is the alternative if we want to break the power of the two main parties? Perhaps, if all the sacked MP’s work together with the Liberal Democrats to bring down the two clunky monoliths (or is it behemoths?) that have been shown over the last few years to be ineffective and stuck in their ways, maybe there a third way in which we can change channels. If Jo Swinson is clever in co-ordinating a cross party group who all stand behind their “Bollocks to Brexit” messaging, we might just still have options.

  1. I read that book on Winston Churchill a while ago and, at the time, my admiration for Boris went up substantially… was a really interesting and well written book….So much so that I thought Boris should give up politics and become a full time author…….maybe I was right!

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