Good grief. What a shit show.

Boris is new our Prime Minister on the day the gates of hell opened and we suffered our hottest day ever. The big question is, what will Boris do next?

Jo Swinson is the new Liberal Democrat leader, young and full of fight and is planning to stop Brexit if she can.

So now what?

Will he do the spectacularly selfish thing the previous two PM’s have done and risk a general election to suit just him?

Will he march into Brussels all guns blazing only to come back with his tail between his legs because it’s pretty clear he’s not going to make any headway on the backstop situation.

Will he go back to the people to ask about a no-deal Brexit? He’s got some sensible people around him, perhaps he might recognise that this is the only practical way forward.

That way, the youth who didn’t vote three years ago will be happy and we all get a chance to reassess after all this time.

Will he move Carrie in? Or find a Melania as some people think he might now he’s gloriously all powerful (but not thankfully, given his very small majority).

Feeling helpless just watching from the back. When’s the next march?


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