I know that “Divorce is Forever” sounds like a massive statement, but I was just reading an interview with Dancing with the Stars host Brooke Burke-Charvet and one of her comments on her divorce is: “I regret having a marriage that didn’t work, because divorce is ‘forever’ for children. I regret that my two oldest daughters have to grow up knowing that sometimes a family falls apart. That’s my heartbreaking life lesson.”

I totally agree with that statement. I often feel so sad for them that they have to go through life with their parents divorce as possibly the most defining factor in their development towards becoming an adult. I’m not saying that it won’t ultimately shape them in a positive way – hopefully they are a little more realistic about love and life than I was. My parents had a ridiculously happy marriage and made it look easy. I thought it would be the same. I was wrong.

So many children are having to deal with divorce these days, I do wonder what it will ultimately mean for marriage in general. Will the next generation feel the need to get married and stay together “in sickness and in health, richer or poorer” and really mean it? For the sake of their children? Or will they all decide that marriage is a fickle ridiculous state of affairs and not bother?

  1. I think what matters most is the way the adults in the ‘family’ divorce deal with it and continue to manage the family. These will be massive life lessons for the children.

    Divorce is the end of a marriage not the end of a parenting journey.

    I think my daughter will get more positive from two exs managing co-parenting well than an out of love couple limping through a marriage.

    Although not all divorce is forever, the statement immediately made me think of Liz and Richard!

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      I agree that it’s more about how the parents behave after the divorce…..yes, Liz & Richard were excellent at divorce!!

  2. Interesting question. I think I’ve read somewhere though, that if your parents divorced you’re statistically more likely to divorce. As with most things though, I can’t remember where it was and obviously, the stats don’t give reasons for the divorces.

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