Easter is meant to be a time for chocolate, new beginnings. I haven’t posted anything since my uber exciting visit to the palace…although a lot has happened since. The elephants have been put on hold for a minute as we deal, on a global scale with yet more terrorism and the slaughter of the innocent. The Brussels bombings that took place yesterday have sent the West reeling yet again. Just 10 days ago there were yet more bombings in Ankara and 37 people died, but this atrocity was barely covered at all by our media. Where is “Je Suis Turkey?” My heart goes out to all those caught up in such horrific violence.

I do hope that the scenario we find ourselves in will encourage more people to want to stay in the EU even if only on a bigger, wider “we’re in this together” approach. Nowhere is safe anymore and the threat of attacks are global and coordinated so therefore the response must be too. We need to be able to share intelligence and be seen to be united with the rest of the world rather than choosing to look inward whilst building up our personal defences and walls.

I also can’t stop thinking about that poor family of five who drowned in a car that sank into the sea in the Republic of Ireland. One passerby stripped off and dived into the water to save a baby girl who had been passed out through the window. Nobody else came to their rescue. I know it’s easy to say from a distance and it obviously all happened so fast and they should have thought to get out of the car earlier, but could more have been done by those who watched? If there had been more people who dived in, maybe they could have saved them all? The man who saved the baby said he also had the hand of one of the boys, but lost it as he held the baby above his head to swim back. Such a huge tragedy, with horrible mistakes made all round.

On a smaller more personal scale, I have my daughter, over in France, strapped into a knee brace, having torn her cruciate ligament on the first run of her university skiing trip. She is miserable and wants to come home, but flights are few and far between owing to the Easter weekend looming. Her room has also flooded. She is having the ski holiday from hell and she is now due back on Friday.

In the meantime, life goes on. My firstborn son arrived home from his skiing trip at around the same time my daughter called from the Medical Centre in France. He at least, is in one piece. I am working with my youngest son who is revising for GCSE’s, working in town at my job, practicing my Pilates on friends in my new shed and rushing here and there to a few work events. The times feel strange and unnerving as we all try to deal with the big and small issues surrounding our collective lives as best we can.

So, all I can say is “in the kingdom of hope there is no winter”.

The sun will rise and fall over the world no matter what:-
sunset over London

And the daffodils will bloom no matter what:-


Look who I met yesterday! The very gorgeous Mr David Gandy:-
David Gandy and me

I took a walk in the park the other day. It started in deep fog and changed within an hour or so and just proves how quickly life can change, so “this too will pass”:-

From this:-
Misty laburnum walk

and this:-
Spooky tree

To this:-
Pembroke steps

and this:-
Pembroke Lodge

and if I still haven’t cheered you up, then maybe this photo will!:-

Builder's bum

Or if not, then this one definitely will… “Smile and the world smiles with you”:-
Smiling sloth


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