WOOHOO. My daughter’s article about being in New York for the 9/11 Memorial Service is in the latest edition of First News, the award winning weekly newspaper for children. She is referred to as a “junior reporter”. It’s on the inside front page.

She will be very pleased.

Here is what she wrote:-


Ten years ago on September 11 2001, New York experienced the largest terrorist attack the world has ever seen. America and the world watched in horror as two hijacked planes flew into the Twin Towers causing them to collapse. This was to become the day that changed the world.

New York has recognised the ten year anniversary of this tragic day by holding a memorial service for the family members. It was incredibly moving to watch, especially when the names of all 2,977 people who died were read out by their families and friends. The memorial, which President Barack Obama and the former President George Bush unveiled, features waterfalls cascading into the place where the Towers originally were. It is a very peaceful and uplifting site, where those who died will be remembered forever.

Being in New York City this weekend has been an emotional experience. We have been involved in several different memorial services and I have interviewed a number of locals. One thing that shines through, beyond the horror of the terrorist attacks, is that it is clearly not just the Manhattan skyline which has changed forever. There is a spirit of hope, renewal and determination that has grown over the last ten years to make the Americans who they are today.

Ten years on, an eighty storey glass and steel tower called One World Trade Center is rising out of the ashes – the beating heart of New York is on it’s way back.

  1. Well done, her. We have some copies of this in the English department at school. Will have a look.

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