Well, good old Greta, young Greta I should say, is proving to be quite a thing. She’s massively trending and on the cover of most of the national papers here. Good for her! It’s time we had someone like her throwing a spanner into the works and causing a fuss. The furore seems to be mostly amongst people my mother’s age, straight white journalists and Jeremy Corbyn’s brother who all seem a little agitated and can’t stop attacking the poor girl. Piers Corbyn, a climate change sceptic said on Twitter “listening to an ignorant brainwashed child is deranged” and that she has “suffered mental abuse by manipulative adults”. WTF? Why would he feel the need to be so rude? Deal with the issues, not the person. She has successfully managed to pull off a fairly massive coup what with growing the Extinction Rebellion and prompted the beginnings of a revolution amongst the mainly young protesters, all who appreciate that it is time for action, not words.

She also practices what she preaches and travels by train, rather than plane, which is refreshing to see and quite rightly points out, given that her mind works differently to everyone else’s owing to having Asperger’s, which means she see’s things either as black or white “you can’t be a little bit sustainable, either you are sustainable or you’re not sustainable”. I have now argued with my mother about the uprising and what it’s all about over seven times and I simply can’t understand why she would be so outraged about “what are all those idiots doing blocking up London and sitting on a pink boat?”

To my mind, Greta Thunberg is a modern Pippi Longstocking-esque role model and an advocate for her generation, who is simply saying that we should be listening to the scientists and not to the lying politicians. She has already achieved a shift through her simple action of “I haven’t really done anything, I have just sat down” that has led to intense dialogue, debate and press coverage. What could possibly be wrong with that? There has been at least two decades of inactivity on so many urgent topics, so I feel proud of the fact that a lot of young people are stepping up and being listened to.

She doesn’t want to be doing this in five years time because it will mean that emissions are still going up and not enough is being done. Let’s hope she’s found something even more extraordinary to do by then.


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