I have come back from a carefree month away where I chose not to pick up a newspaper or watch the news, to the predictable ongoing shit show. I can no longer stick my fingers in my ears and shout “la la la”. It’s just so depressing to be looking at Boris marching forward with plans to potentially taking us over the cliff by risking a catastrophic no deal Brexit. How does he not realise that A) we didn’t vote for him and his Brexiteering crew and B) that we didn’t vote for a no deal Brexit?

Is it true that he is going to call a general election? On October 17th? Really? Just so that he can go to Brussels with a clearer mandate? Surely he’s not going to do that at this stage of the game. Make it all about him?? The public certainly don’t want another election and it’s not in anyone’s interests at this stage of the game. He will be considering all manner of dodgy deals to ensure parliament don’t block any of his plans. It really is quite terrifying to watch.

I slightly hope he does attempt it as I’m still of the opinion that it will all lead to a much needed second referendum.

What with our fragile political situation, the Brazilian rainforests burning out of control, the worry of Hong Kong and what China will do next (with the US Trade war as well), I have already lost my relaxed and happy state of mind and AM GETTING STRESSED AGAIN.

Which I guess is how it should be.


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