No matter what the question, family is the answer….so HAPPY INTERNATIONAL DAY OF FAMILIES to you all. This should be an international bank holiday – better than Mother’s and Father’s Day as the family is the very foundation of society. Some of the most formative years of our lives are spent growing up with our families and so it’s a good moment to reflect on how we can appreciate or even improve the relationships most precious to us, in all their glorious dysfunctional wonder.

This year the UN has linked the family theme with climate action, focusing on the inter-generational approach to sustainability, education and practice. Many families are dealing with issues of poverty, lack of health care, unemployment or trauma in some way so it’s a good time to focus on all that you have as well as what we can all do to help.

It’s just the matter of getting my family all together in one space to do something useful – like finding ways to improve our recycling, building a shared vegetable patch or walking to work. I will have to gather my troops once my youngest child gets back from Costa Rica. He is on his gap year, hopefully enjoying the rainforests and not using up too much of his carbon footprint whilst the other two are busy commuting into work every day. We need to make a PLAN.

This family man, David Attenborough, has done more to save the planet than anyone else and I spotted him in our local park the other day, so I’m including him in the post to say thank you for everything:-

He won’t be particularly impressed to hear that we personally failed a basic animal test recently. I went with my son to buy his girlfriend a kitten for her birthday that he had found online, to a flat inundated with animals and he was sold a male kitten that neither of us bothered to check closely. Eighteen months later, it turns out it’s not a male kitten at all but a female cat who has just produced a family of her own:-

and just so he’s not jealous, here’s a photo of our cat, inadvertently relaxing in a baking dish!


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